Frame a Wedding Dress

Shadow Box for Wedding Dress Example Thanks to Heirloom Shadow Box Company:

My husband brought this gift idea to my attention (he read this blog post about how to display a wedding dress).

My first thought was, where’s MY wedding dress and why haven’t you framed IT?

The bride-to-be can spend weeks and maybe months trying to find that perfect wedding dress. There is the time and then the expense that goes along with it. The bride wears such an exquisite and beautiful dress only once. It becomes a sentimental part of her existence. Yes, I know there are pictures and video but why not have the dress framed and hung in a special place so that she can pass by it for years to come and get reminded over and over again what a special wedding day she had.

This gift can be given long after the wedding is over. What a grand surprise it would be for your first anniversary, or even a milestone anniversary such as 10 or 25 years. You are sure to WOW her with this one of a kind gift.

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  1. Amanda says:

    How and where do you get this done? How much does this type of thing cost?

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