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The Celebrity Gift Report

Celebrities seem to know how to give their friends & families the best gifts. Of course, that probably has to do with the fact they have fat bank accounts and personal shoppers, but they definitely come up with some cool ideas. Below is a list of some of the coolest gifts celebrities have given others…

See what celebrities are giving and receiving:

Celebrity The Gift
Johnny Depp - Given a 1959 Corvette by the producer of the “Rum Diary”
Taylor Swift - Received an $11,000 guitar from Jake Gyllenhaal
Jennifer Aniston - Gave Justin Theroux a $12,000 jacket worn by James Dean
Tyra Banks - Gave her staff cheeseburgers for Christmas!
Brad Pitt - Gave his son, Maddox, a day of go-karting
Matthew McConaughey - Gave headlamps to friends for Christmas, because they are “brilliant”
Nathan Fillion - is gifted a very cool Star Wars-inspired, steampunk lightsaber!
Zac Efron - sends perfume to the wrong Vanessa! Vera Wang - Vera Wang Princess Solid Perfume (No Color) - Beauty
Lady Gaga - received a vintage teacup set from Elton John as a “thank you” gift.
Justin Bieber - received a Range Rover from Usher for his 16th birthday.
Catherine Zeta Jones - received a puppy (Coton de Tulear) from husband Michael Douglas on her 40th birthday.
Guy Ritchie - gave Madonna a $21k ice pick jade jagger dagger
Britney Spears - gave Kevin a $150k diamond watch brad pitt custom motorcycle
Angelina Jolie - gave Brad a $100k custom motorcycle brad pitt custom motorcycle
Posh “Spice” Beckham - gave the kids a $50,000 tree house! posh_treehouse_nmo2792_mp.jpg
Jessica Alba - received a diaper cake at her baby shower blueberrybabies_pink-safari.gif
Brad Pitt - gave the kids toy helicopters for Christmas remote_control_helicopter_hammacher_79.jpg
Miley Cyrus - received peace necklace from photog 14k-gold-peace-charm-pe5943.jpg
George Clooney - gave friends DVDs of his 100 favorite movies dr-strangelove.jpg
David Beckham - gave Posh a $2,000 fashion book valentino_fashion_book.jpg
Justin Timberlake - gave Jessica Biel & Cameron Diaz surfboards and Sex Wax sex_wax.jpg
Courtney Cox - gave Jennifer Aniston a $12,000 Chanel bike Chanel Bicycle for Jennifer Aniston

We are always looking for more, so come back again and see who’s-giving-to-who in Hollywood…

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