Best Gift Idea For Tween Girls!

I have to thank my 9-year old niece for this one! We were spending some great quality time together (I don’t get to see enough of her!), and she insisted on showing me how she could design her own clothes online, and then showed me that she had ordered a couple of items that she had designed.  Very cool.  Especially because she has already targeted a career as a fashion designer.  And, when she sets her sights on something, you’d better believe she’s gonna do it.

FPgirl has Gift Certificates, which I think make the perfect gift for a tween girl!

So, the company is FPgirl, and they have a “Design Studio” where girls can create an avatar, pick out beginning pieces of clothes from the FPgirl assortment (dresses, shirts, pants, even matching doll clothing and charm jewelry), and then add designs to the clothes.  The website even has design contests where girls (including my precocious niece) can submit ideas for their own designs and winners are picked and then FPgirl even adds the design to their online catalog!

Here is a picture of the latest winning design from their design contest:

To get get a quick idea of how their site works, here is their TV commercial:

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The Voodoo That She Do Is Good For Baby Too!

Get this at Uncommon Goods!

Maternity Good Voodoo Doll, $20.00

Give an expecting mama, and her closest allies, an opportunity to use the ancient art of voodoo to encourage a successful delivery and a healthy baby!

Well-wishers can wish for a stress-free birth, an “easy baby”, “few aches & pains,” “speedy delivery” and “the perfect name.” You can use these playful prompts or, if inspiration strikes, you can write your own cute/funny/loving message.

A fun baby shower gift, something funny to send in the mail, and a great keepsake to hold onto as the years go on…


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Expecting & New Parents Can Keep Tabs On Baby On The Go!

Withings Smart Baby Monitor for iPhone

Get This at ThinkGeek!

Want to catch up on work but need to keep tabs on your geekling too? Withings Baby Monitor makes it easy with their app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

And it’s NOT JUST A Monitor – taking care of baby can be a two-way street with this slick device – just look at the things it lets you do:

  • Watch high-resolution video (with pan-tilt, zoom, and night vision!)
  • Listen in on your baby with crystal clear sound
  • Play lullabies with the touch of a button
  • Talk soothingly to your baby from across the house (or across the world)
  • Turn the nightlight on or off
  • Receive alerts for motion, sound, temperature, and humidity changes

Withings Baby Monitor is awesome for parents who travel or nights with a babysitter or at Grandma’s house! Nothing beats the peace of mind you get being able to peek in on your geekling any time you want.

Want to use this monitoring gadget formore than just staying in touch with baby?  It’s a high-quality webcam and its wireless nature makes it a handy spy camera if you want to keep an eye on your roommates, officemates, or other unsavory characters.


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5 Gift-Giving Faux Pas To Avoid

When I’m writing about gift-giving and gift ideas, I often focus on either products, cool websites, lists & resources, and some occasional advice.  After all, the mission of the site is to help you find gifts for people, while making your life easier and helping to find the occasional “wow” gifts.

That said, even when you’ve taken the time to think about a special gift for someone, there are times when you may accidentally take away from the pleasure of receiving the gift through some common mistakes (“faux pas”).  Here are 10 that come to mind:

#1, Bragging About The Deal:  Try not to get so excited about the deal you got when buying the present!  Don’t talk about the sale, the discount, or that you actually found the gift at Costco’s or BJ’s.  It’s not as special to receive a gift when the giver is telling you how much money they saved when they bought you the present.

#2, It’s Just A Little Something: OK, it may be true, but telling someone you just “got them a little something” doesn’t help make them feel special.  That’s probably just your guilt coming through about what you spent on the item.  Remember, this is about them, not you! Just say something simple like, “when I saw this I thought of you.”

#3, No Wrapping, No Presentation: Try not to just hand a present to someone, without any wrapping or a gift bag.  Do something!  Even if it’s putting a bow around a hard-to-wrap present, or doing something silly like covering it in multi-colored sticky notes.  Your gift recipient will feel so much more special when they know some effort has been put into making it a special moment.

#4, The Generic Gift: This is one of the hardest parts of gift-giving.  In fact, it’s the part of giving presents that inspired this blog.  If you haven’t thought about anything that the recipient might enjoy, then you may make them feel worse at a deeper level than if you gave them nothing at all (maybe), or if you are a couple days late with a present.  After all, it’s not that hard to take a few minutes and think about what someone might enjoy.  In the case of gift-giving, it truly is the thought that counts.  Check out this raw list of gift giving ideas for some possible inspiration.

#5, Buying For Yourself:  This is similar to the “Generic Gift” faux pas listed above.  However, instead of just buying something that seems to be OK for the situation, you took some time to think “what would I want?”.  Spend some time thinking about what they might want.

Ways To Find A Better Gift -Here, are some quick ways to think about them!

  • What are their hobbies?
  • Do they have any collections?
  • Do they have a favorite place to go on vacation?
  • Do they drink wine, eat cheese, or love gourmet foods?
  • Favorite sport? Favorite sports team?
  • Is this an occasion where a personalized or engraved item would provide memories down the road?

I’ll be writing a much more comprehensive brainstorming list very soon!

Can you think of any other common gift-giving mistakes?  Comment below!

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Helpful Father’s Day Gift Ideas

My goal always is to help you find a gift when you are having trouble thinking of that perfect idea, that perfect something.

In a poll we’ve been running here on Giftstumped for some time, 70% of the readers say that Dad is harder to buy a gift for.  So, with Father’s Day coming up, I’d like to try and offer some ideas for how to help Dad have a fantastic Father’s Day, whether you buy a gift or not.

What, GiftGuy said “whether you buy a gift or not?”  Yes, sometimes a father doesn’t want something you can buy for Father’s Day.  I’m “Dad” (to two wonderful girls), and for me the best gift of all is to have a day where I can spend time with my daughters and where I’m not being asked to get anything done around the house.  Perhaps just be able to relax and choose the family activity for the day, have a a nice meal cooked and served, get treated like a King, etc. …

But, there are plenty of people looking for Father’s Day gift ideas out there.  In fact, according to Google, there will be at least 250,000 searches for “Fathers Day gifts”, “gifts for dad”, and related phrases.  If you like playing with Google, check out the Keyword Search Tool and try searching for stuff for Dad.

So, because so many people are looking for the perfect gift, I’m here to help as best I can…

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Use the Guys tag to search for individual blog posts on


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